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Headquartered in the Cambridge UK, CogniSenz is a leading software development company known for delivering innovative software solutions. Together with our partners we have slowly evolved into a one stop destination for all software development needs. We provide end-to-end services including Product Management, UX Analysis, UI Design, Product Development, QA, Data Security, Compliance, DevOps, R&D Tax Credit Consultancy, Cosulting CTO, Investor Relationship etc.

Our History

The founders are serial entrepreneur. Just like most start ups, we faced many financial barriers to build our own product. So we formed an innovative consultancy to help other startups to overcome this barrier without compromising on quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the one stop shop for all your R&D needs. Our founders are experienced CTO's and know what it takes to build a product. We have end to end expertise from Product Inception to Design, Development, Compliance , R&D Tax Credit etc.

Who we are

We are a team of experienced CTO's, Senior Consultants, Subject Matter Experts, Senior Engineering team. Together with our carefully selected partners we are able to provide our end-to-end services

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